With AAIP you will find a full list of inventory that fit your needs and budget. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced investor we have an array of homes for your liking.


AAIP has affiliation with several Hard Money lenders who can fund your project up to 100% of the cost in NY,NJ,CT,PA,Maryland & Baltimore Area. Ask April for information on a lender that will fit your need whether you are asking for funding for Buy and Rehab, buy and Hold or just Rehab. We have it ALL!


Full list of Contractors who we have built a relationship with are eagerly waiting to quote you a price. Not all contractors are money hungry waiting to rip you off. Some have commendable work ethic and believe in building longevity instead of a quick buck!


Ask About Our Joint Venture Program!

Starting off new as a first time investor? No problem! We will partner up with you and go half on your FIRST DEAL until you feel comfortable moving forward on your own. We are here to hold your hand every step of the way. Email us and ask!

Find Out How We Can Help Fix Your Credit While Investing With Us.

You may not always need credit to invest in real estate but you will come across a situation where you will need it and you will find yourself facing embarrassment by being denied a deal for having a poor score. DO NOT lose the potential of good profit for your lack of responsiblity.


Next Steps...

Email us TODAY and find out about our ALL IN ONE program for your investing needs. Only with AAIP will you have the chance to have your hand held through the whole process from beginning to end.